Are you struggling? Seem to have no direction? Still "spinning your wheels"?

"Is Your Online Business Going Nowhere Fast? I Can Help YOU Get All The Success Your Deserve!"

Please read this page carefully...It is your golden ticket to online success

Dear Friend,

I am guessing if you are on this page and have got this far, then you are spinning your wheels trying to make money online, right?

Maybe you started out Googling something like "Make Money With My Computer" and ended up with so much information, it was discombobulating.
Perhaps you found your way to the Warrior Forum and bought a bunch of low priced WSOs promising the earth. But all they did was make you switch direction time & time again.

And ...yet again, you didn't get traction and those online dollars passed you by.

Did you always feel that you had a bunch of knowledge but there was always just one piece of the puzzle missing? Just something that was elusively just out of your reach? Something that would mean making a good 5 or 6 figure income from your laptop. Something that would give you freedom?

Here's The thing.... You Are Not Alone. And I am Going To Give You
The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

I can relate. I was in a tricky spot when I turned back to the internet to create an income. We had just closed a business. I had no savings, no job and twin 8 year old boys to feed & clothe. I was in a country where, at best, I would be only be able to earn a labourers' wage. And I didn't fancy that for the rest of my days.

So I rolled up my sleeves and imagined I would be rich in just a few weeks..... But the reality was...

  • I had no direction...I flitted from one "good idea" to another
  • I had no seed money for anything - boy, that was tough
  • I had no-one to bounce ideas off
  • I had no-one to encourage me
  • I made a few dollars here, a few dollars there but I had no business.
  • I had to take summer jobs to feed the family - up to 16 hours a day of hard graft for low, low, wages

Here Is Where I Should Tell You How I Solved My Problem...
But I didn't. Let me Explain...

I managed to scape a living and I went through pain and anguish. But I did not quit. In doing so, I guess I became one of the most versatile marketers out there. I had to learn to do everything in my business...and it took me 18 months+ of pure pain to get a modest consistent income.....

But after I had cracked the "online marketing code"....I was up & away.

Now I make a solid full time income for just a few hours work a day.

Here's a bit of proof of that..

Here is Where I Went Wrong...

You see when I got started I had...

  • My back agaist the wall - I needed a new opportunity very badly
  • No other options - I had to find a way to make money outside of the local economy
  • Tons of enthusiasm - I couldn't think of a better way to make money than by "messing about on the net" but had no idea of the best way of doing it
  • No direction - The "key" to long term income online was eluding me...I was hopping from one thing to another

What I didn't have was...

  • Someone to put me on the right track
  • Someone to be accountable to
  • Someone who would clearly explain the "keys" to online success

If I had someone at the start to help me, I would have started making consistent money after 2 months, not 2 years.

I can help you shortcut your way
to success. I can give you the missing pieces that eluded me...

If you are in a place like I was or, maybe you are in a better place finacially but are struggling to get your online business going, I can help you. I can cut through the crap and give you honest advice. Straightforward plans of action to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

But..First Some Transparency...

I have to be 100% transparent here...I am NOT a millionaire (yet) so I am not in a position to teach you how to be one.

I DON'T drive a Ferrari (I could never get it up the track to my house) and I DON'T own a "Gin Palace" luxury motor yacht.

But... You see most people don't want these things.

What they want from an online business is...


Freedom from the 9-5 straightjacket

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

Freedom to spend more time with family and friends

Freedom to be there while your kids grow up

Freedom from stress

Freedom to do what you want in your life.

I do make a good full time income and I CAN show you how to escape your job and make a solid sustainable income from online marketing - the right way.

This kind of online business will provide you with that elusive freedom thing.

Here is What I Can help You With...

  • Understanding the way online marketing works - I am constantly amazed at how many folk miss this completely.
  • Getting a "Plan of Action" together - Put you in the position to be making consistent (that is a very important word) money online.
  • Critique your business ideas - Suggest improvements or tweaks to get better ROI from your projects.
  • Give you encouragement - It's a hard business when you are working alone.
  • Provide some accountability - Sometimes it can be difficutlt to "employ yourself" and stick to deadlines for your goals.
  • Ask me pretty much anything - I will give you direction.

Although I can't guarantee your success, I can guarantee that I will be available to you and give you the personal input that I can see will work in your business if you choose to apply what I suggest.

My specialist areas are...

  • Online business strategy
  • Listbuilding & list management
  • Email marketing
  • Product creation
  • Sales funnels
  • Deep monetization strategies
  • Viral strategies

It Is Like Having a Personal Fitness Trainer in YOUR Business

When people decide to get fit, they don't make it up as they go along...they may buy a fitness course but that can easily fizzle out after a couple of weeks. The ones that succeed in reaching their goals join a gym or hire a personal trainer to give them the knowledge, help, encouragement and accountability to succeed. Your business is no different...

Let me ask you....

Are you just getting started marketing online and are suffering from an overload of information? Not sure of the correct path through the all of the methods, systems and techniques being pushed at you from all sides every day?


Did you just end up buying WSOs and products every week and never recouping the money that you spent?


Have you got started and found that you just end up spinning your wheels...Maybe making a few dollars here and there but getting little or no consistency - the type of consistently that means you don't have to be glued to your computer day in day out for little reward?

If you see yourself in any of those questions, you need me helping in your business

"Barry is in the tiny percentage of people who have started out with nothing and built a full-time business online.  He literally came from a position of being broke and fought his way to online success.  It's for that reason that Barry is one of the few people that really has the missing pieces of the puzzle.  He's been there, done it and continues doing it every day.  If you truly want to succeed and appreciate the real how-to without fluff, filler and sugar coating then Barry Rodgers is most likely the coach for you."

- Andy Brocklehurst

"I love working with Barry. People who work hard and produce outstanding results are always welcome at my campfire and Barry is both. Someone who genuinely delivers. I have known Barry for a few years and can always say I am thrilled with his products, service and ongoing commitment"

- Walt Bayliss

"I've known Barry for a number of years now. He is not just an experienced and successful online marketer who has built up his business from the ground up himself - from nothing - but he is also one of the most genuine guys you could wish to meet."

- Adam Jackson

Here is how it works...

You will get access to a personal coaching portal. This is connected to my private coaching email address. You can start private consultations and I will jump in & help you. You can start new consultations on other topics and keep old ones going or just save the information for future reference. I will write a full response or, sometimes, add a video (if it is easier to explain something that way)

You can reply to the email you get when I update one of your consultations and it will be automatically added to the consultation for future reference.

I respond normally within 24 hours Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm in whatever timezone I am in at the time.

In addition, I will do a personal 1:1 coaching call with you (usually around 1 hour) at least twice a month.  Here we can discuss what progress you are making and plan out the next steps in your journey.

You can carry on doing this as much as you need. Whilst I can not offer refunds (as I put in a lot of time and effort that I can't reclaim), when you feel that you don't need me around anymore, you can simply cancel the subscription in Paypal.

But That Is Not All!

You Also Get Some Other Cool Stuff In The Members Area..

I will provide my own premium trainings and software products that you get free access to so you can speed up your progress. I will continue to add trainings and tools into the members area for you. Others have to get them included in the coaching program

  • My own SaaS Software products that are designed to make your marketing campaigns easier
  • Free lifetime access to the "Marketing Jams" membership site - every month Andy Brocklehurst & I do a live webinar where we lift the lid on what is working in our businesses
  • Access to a private Facebook group where I and other successful marketers contribute.
  • My video training courses. There are courses in there that will help you in many aspects of marketing.

"I have known Barry through a mastermind group and Skype chats for a number of years now and can honestly say that he is one of the most knowledgeable and patient marketers I know. He has a great explanatory style which makes him a perfect coach for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

You are in safe hands with Barry."

 - David Taylor

So, What Is Your Investment?

Clearly I can't help everyone out to this extent for free. I have to recognise that the time investment in your business will be taking me out of my business.

But, at the same time, I want the whole experience for you to be a profitable one. Basically, what you invest in getting my help, you can make back many times over in your business.

After calculating my time and all the other unique tools & training that my students will get access to in the members area, I decided that $997 a month would be a bargain. Remember, you get direct access to me as much as you need.

But Here's The Thing...

I am looking for the founding members for this program. I need some success stories and testimonials from you guys and then the price will go up to $997 a month. But YOU will never pay that!

So you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

You see, as a "Founding Member" of my Personal Coaching programme, you will never pay $997 a month. You will not even pay $697 a month. Or even $597 a month....

The next 5 people get full access for as long as they wish for just ...
$497 a month.

All I ask in return for this massive discount is that you write a testimonial when we have got your business going in the direction you want it to go and you are getting some real success as a result of my input.


If you think so, why not get started right now?

What Happens next....

After your payment has been completed, you will be taken to a page with a short questionnaire. It is important to fill this out so as I have some background on where you are at and what you are looking to achieve.

Once you have completed that you will get immediate access to the members area and the coaching portal as well as the trainings & tools.

If you are ready to get traction in your business and develop a good full time online income...

Let's Get Started On Our Journey Together

I am ready and eager to help YOU grow your business rapidly and in a sustainable way ensuring you have a solid business with a solid long term income.

The sooner we get started, the sooner that will happen for you. So don't delay.

Barry Rodgers
Rodgers Marketing Ltd.

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