Your Data

A simple guide to why we need it, what is collected, what it is used for, how it is processed, how it benefits you, how you are protected, and how you can opt out.

Why we collect data in the first place

At it's heart, the internet is simply about communication and information.

We are an online sales and marketing company. Our business is to sell information (ebooks, courses, videos) and software that either enables a user to do something they are unable to do manually or enables them to do it easier.

In our business model, We sell our own digital products and also recommend other digital products that are congruent to the interests of our audience.

We can only do this by offering real value.

But we can't offer any value without communicating and analysing how our business is performing.
This is why we collect and process data.

We do, however, keep that data to an absolute minimum and we have a strict anti-spam policy.

We also do not sell or distribute your information to any unauthorized entity or use any data processor that is not fully compliant with the most stringent of online data protection regulations.

So, let's get into it. The first logical question is....

What data do we collect?

On a basic level, the core data we collect is just a name and email address.

We ask permission to send newsletters via email often in exchange for something of value (a digital product of some kind).

Names and email addresses are also collected when someone purchases one of our products.

We also use tracking on our sites. This is done using tracking pixels and cookies.

How is this data collected and what is it used for?

Why we collect your name and email address:

We collect this information for one or more of the following purposes:

1) To communicate with you using permission-based email (not spam). We will pass on free tips and information, information about future products as well as promotions.
2) To notify you of updates or important changes to products you have purchased
3) To register you with our product delivery platforms to create a secure personal membership so we can securly deliver your purchased product.
4) To process payments in secure shopping cart systems. This ensures that your purchases are encrypted and secure and it helps us with our business accounting systems
5) Occasionally, your first name only will be shown as a verified purchaser in a notification app on a sales page only if you have purchased that product.

It is very easy to opt out of any or all of this. More on this later.

We will receive name & email data in one of 3 ways:

i) You have filled out an online subscription form to register. This could be to get a free information product, enter a contest, to receive notifications or to get a free trial.
ii) You have bought a product of ours or a product that has been jointly developed and offered with another person or company. In this case, your name and email will be used by the shopping cart and will be added to one or more email lists.
iii) You have created a free membership account with one of our product delivery systems.

Tracking pixels, cookies and codes:

These are coded into our websites and perform a variety of functions.

i) It helps us analyze the performance of a site
ii) It uses cookies to track and reward affiliates for referred sales from their promotions as well as remembering your site preferences if you have any.
iii) It helps us create a social media audience so we can show congruent sponsored social media posts to them from time to time.
iv) Some secure product delivery links are only accessible to people who have one of our security cookies installed

How is your data protected?

When you purchase a product or you simply subscribe by filling in a subscription form or getting a free product, your name & email address will be store and processed in one or more professional platforms. Each of these platforms are fully compliant with all of the relevant data protection protocols (including GDPR).

The platforms we use in our business are:

Payment processors & shopping carts


Email platforms for sending permission-based emails


Membership site platforms

Wordpress (using membership site plug-ins)

How you can opt-out

Membership platforms

Although we can remove your account on request, please be aware that, If you remove your data from membership platforms that allow access to products you bought, then you will no longer have access to those products.

Email newsletters

You can, however, opt out of receiving emails at any time. In every email that is sent, there are two links at the foot of the email. One is to unsubscribe (meaning you will receive no further emails from that list) and the other is to view and update your information. This will automatically remove or change any corresponding data that appears in a specific custom audience in Facebook.

Social media

To control what data Facebook collects with regard to adverts and sponsored posts, please visit this page

Cookies and tracking.

You can clear cookies in your browser (usually found in "settings" or "clear recent history") and you can also set your browser not to accept cookies. This may, however, impact on the useability of many websites.

As you can hopefully see, we do not gather a lot of uneccessary data or store sensitive information about you.

If, however, this doesn't answer your questions or you want to "be forgotten" please use this form to put in a data information request. Click the button to access the form